I was interviewed by Voyage Denver for their Inspiring Stories feature. This was a fun one to do and it is a more personal than my previous ones. I spoke a lot about my childhood, and struggles with addiction recovery in this article. Success isn’t a linear process and my journey has had tons of ups and downs. This interview gave me the chance to reflect on my past and recognize the patterns and persistence that led me to where I am today.

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I was interviewed for the May Edition of the Strength & Well-being Magazine produced by Jessica Maguire. This magazine aims to spread the word about important issues in the fields of mental health, nutrition, and exercise. She produces a digital magazine every month.

In this issue I speak about the current state of treatment for anxiety. We discuss the role of medication and talk about some of the addiction risks that accompany it’s use. I also talk about the need to break through the stigma of mental health and to build healing communities instead of judgmental ones.

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One of the most critical value shifts in recovery is moving from self-harm to self-nourishment. Underneath many addictions is a void of self-hatred that craves compassion attention. Check out this interview that I did for Simply: Health Coaching about food addiction and learning to love and nurture one’s own body and mind. It was a joy to be a part of Liza’s vision and to help promote a more holistic view of wellness.

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