From The Ashes

Meet triumph and disaster and treat those two imposters the same.

As a culture we have been lied to about what it truly takes to be great. We are inundated with stories of natural-born heroes and overnight successes. Triumphs are magnified while defeat is hidden. We are sold on this idea that either we are talented, or we are not, either we have grit or we do not and either we are going to make it or we will not. Our heroes and celebrities seem so distant from us and represent an unattainable goal.

So often we are hamstrung by their own mental models and emotional barriers. They are constantly holding ourselves back from blossoming into the people we are meant to be. In this program you will hear raw stories of triumph and defeat from people just like you who have beaten the odds and have gotten back up, from the ashes. From the Ashes is broadcast live every Friday at 11 AM Pacific Time on the VoiceAmerica Empowerment Channel.

Define your Legacy

In this episode of the Define Your Legacy Podcast I talk more about Evolved Masculinity and share what I mean when I talk about wielding power honorably. I dig into the importance of ethics, principles, and compassion when it comes to decision making and leadership. I also share more of my own story and how I view my legacy unfolding in the future.

Coffin Talk

This interview is a little different. I spoke with Mike Oppenheim of the Coffin Talk Podcast about death. I share some stories from my time working in hospice and discuss my spiritual views around death and dying. We also talk about how unhealthy patterns can keep us stuck in repetition compulsions. This was a great free form conversation that is sure to make you think.

At Our COR

In this great episode of the At our COR podcast I talk about Men’s Mental Health. We discuss the issue of men lacking emotionally mature communities, the pervasiveness of toxic masculinity, and a new model of evolved masculinity. Tune in to hear more about what it means to be a man in the modern era.

High Truths

In this podcast, I sit down with Roneet Lev of High Truths to talk about using depth psychology and mindfulness to treat addiction. Not all addiction treatment requires medication, it is possible to overcome addiction through trauma-informed therapy. We also talk about how toxic masculinity can reinforce trauma and keep someone stuck in an addiction cycle.  

imperfect: The Heart-Centered Leadership Podcast

In this episode of Imperfect: The Heart-Centered Leadership Podcast I’m interview by Deb Crowe about Toxic Masculinity in the workplace. We talk about how this value set hinders the development of psychological safety, clear communication, and employee retention. The “suck it up” and “lead by fear” mentality may produce results in the short term but, down the line, leads directly to resentment and self-sabotaging behaviors. Tune in to hear more about how to detect toxic masculinity and, more importantly, how to evolve past it.

Heidi's LemonAid Stand

Heidi started hosting the LemonAid Stand live radio talk show, over 20 years ago, in 1999! It all came about when Heidi was dealing with thoughts of suicide, inadequacy, and dealing with infertility. She realized as she reached out to others and heard their stories, she would be uplifted and inspired no matter what she was going through. I went on her show to talk about living in shame, lying about who I was, and developing a drug addict persona. In my lemon to lemonaid story I share how I turned that around and started helping other men to grow into their own power.

Sandstone Care Podcast

Grow N Learn Podcast

In this quick podcast I speak with Zorina Dimitrova from GrowNLearn.org about how family dynamics can express themselves in the workplace. I go into some detail on how leaders and managers childhood history shapes who they are and how they led. With the help of psychotherapy a leader can understand and process their childhood feelings and memories so that they can be more effective and clear-headed.

Club Capital Leadership Podcast

In this podcast with Club Capital I talk about the power of personal organization, motivation, and depth psychotherapy for business owners and professional teams. I share with the hosts some of the finer points of David Allen’s Getting Things Done system and talk about how it changed my life. I also put out the call for professionals to do the personal work of psychotherapy in order to overcome their emotional barriers to success and leadership.

The Wildside Podcast

In this podcast I’m speaking with Susie Lindau on the Wildside Podcast about my experiences learning how to date again while sober. It’s a wild ride whenever I talk to Susie, her energy and passion burst through in this interview. In this one you’ll hear more about personal story and struggles in sobriety – this was such a transformative and deeply awkward part of my life. Tune in for a hilarious romp through early recovery.

Draw in Customers Podcast

I was recently interviewed by James Kademan at Draw In Customers about my evolving work with start-up founders and CEOs. We talked about the struggles of leadership and the importance of understanding ourselves and our past. I shared some of my journey as an entrepreneur and talked about what might be next for me and my business. Tune in if you’re looking to learn about the emotional burden of leadership, how to work with haters, and what it’s like, as a therapist, to switch your scope of practice.

Motivation and Confidence Podcast

I was honored to join the likes of Tech N9ne, Three6mafia, Tyga, DJ Kid Capri, Illa Ghee, and Ice-T by being invited to be on Tommy Danger‘s Motivation And Confidence Podcast. In this episode I talk about rage, aggression, and the capacity for violence within all of us. It’s an important thing to start to recognize and relate with so that it does not boil over and control our lives.

The Group Dynamics Dispatch

My organization, the Four Corners Group Psychotherapy Society, just released it’s podcast! I’m happy to have been interviewed by our host, Angelo Ciliberti. In this podcast I talk about my own personal process around group psychotherapy, addiction recovery, and public visibility. FCGPS is dedicated to improving the quality of group treatment across Colorado, Utah, Arizona, and New Mexico. We put on a conference every year that educates professionals in cutting-edge group techniques. Check out the Dispatch here!


How to Avoid Nice Guy/Gal Syndrome and Wake the Sleeping Dragon – in Just 7 Minutes with Marc Azoulay Why you’ve got to listen to today’s episode: Explains the relation of aggression to marketing Aggression as the most valuable trait for entrepreneurs. I’m so happy to be speaking more publicly about the role of aggression. It’s a often misrepresented and minimized experience in my field.