Marketing and brand development is a critical piece of becoming an entrepreneur. I've developed a system that condenses a plethora of marketing information and theory into an easy-to-use format. I work with clients to create an evocative website, a strong social media platform, and a variety of digital goods that create a steady stream of passive income. My system is highly automated yet tweakable at any moment. I inspire my clients to build their brand and spread their message and products to a wider audience. 

I offer a two-hour information session in which I outline my system and introduce the tools required to implement it. Then my clients have the option to follow up with individual sessions in which I help them apply the system to their personal business. I've worked with therapists, authors, scientists, and small businesses to create vibrant and effective marketing platforms. 

$150 for an initial 2 hour workshop
$800 for a 6-session introductory package
$150 an hour for individualized coaching