Sandstone Care Podcast

In this Podcast series with Sandstone Care I talk about Masculine Aggression, Group Psychotherapy, the Marketing Coaching. This series of videos will give you the best sense of all the areas that I work in. Give these a listen if you're deciding whether or not to work with me - they'll show you my personality and my expertise.


Conversations with Eugene Ebner

My interview with Conversations with Eugene Ebner is out! Check it out. I speak about addiction, relationships, and mindfulness. Near the end of the video Eugene and I talk about how to get started mediating. This was a very real and authentic conversation, it was a pleasure to be on the show.

BoostUrBiz Blab Show

I was featured on Tyrrel "Kingtreneur" Walker's BoostUrBiz Blab show. Join us as we talk about how marketing can help end the stigma of mental health treatment. I believe that treatment professionals need to be more transparent and public about the services that we offer. Psychotherapy can be helpful for anyone who would like to learn more about themselves in order to become the best they can be.


Less Stressed Life Nutrition & Podcast

This podcast by the wonderful Christa Biegler goes into the role of stress, truama, and meditation in our lives. Christa is a nutritionist that works across disciplines to provide holistic care for her patients. In her podcast she interviews leaders across multiple fields. I speak about neuroscience and fidget spinners of all things. 

The River of Recovery

Check out this podcast with Jeff Jones of The Family Recovery Solution: Addiction Navigation for Families. Listen in as we talk about the role of addiction and addicts in the family. I'll talk about how the addicted child is often the most sensitive member of the family. Be sure to support Jeff is building a community for families struggling with addiction - if you or a loved one need some support I'd highly recommend joining his network.

The Group Dynamics Dispatch

My organization, the Colorado Group Psychotherapy Society, just released it's podcast! I'm happy to have been interviewed by our host, Angelo Ciliberti. In this podcast I talk about my own personal process around group psychotherapy, addiction recovery, and public visibility. COGPS is dedicated to improving the quality of group treatment across the State of Colorado. We put on a conference every year that educates professionals in cutting-edge group techniques. Check out the Dispatch here!

Attitudes of Sexual Integrity

In this podcast I talk with the host, Russ Shaw, about shame, conditioning, and freedom. It's always a pleasure to connect with others who are in their own recovery. It's like encountering a fellow veteran. His podcast Attitudes of Sexual Integrity aims to debunk some of the shameful myths about Sex Addiction. He aims to break through shame by normalizing desire and pleasure, it's a taboo subject and one that we need to keep talking about.

Spread the Positividy Podcast

In this podcast I talk about my recovery, the perils of social media, and motivation techniques. Vlad was a great host that kept the conversation moving and flowing. We cover a wide variety of topics and I think that this interview will really give you a real sense of my personality. offers on-demand video coaching and support for nearly any topic that you can think of. If you need someone to talk to in a pinch be sure to check them out.

Authenticity Radio

I was interviewed by Slade Suiter of Authenticity Radio about my background in Contemplative Psychotherapy. In this segment I talk about my approach to treating addiction and trauma. I also speak a bit about my own history with addiction and how it impacted me and the work that I do. 

Lina Jones Diamond Network Show

I was interviewed on The Lina Jones Diamond Network Show about ways to cope with social anxiety, grief, and addiction. Lina is doing a great service to entrepreneurs by featuring them on her channel in order to spread the word about their unique gifts and contributions. She is very passionate about her work and it really shines through in this interview. It's great to see others leverage the power of social media for good.

Moments of Clarity

I was interviewed on TanTalk 1340AM's Moments of Clarity about addictions and substance use by the wonderful Tiffany Werhner LMHC. Moments of Clarity is a radio show dedicated to breaking down the stigma of mental health treatment. Tiffany features a wide variety of guests that reframe mental illness in a new light. We need to be having more conversations like this, I was happy to be part of this mission. Check out this two part show that features other speakers in the addiction and mental health world. 


The human mind can be a cacophony of thoughts and sensations. It is easy to get swept up in the storm of emotions and incessant thoughts. It can be really exhausting! is dedicated to helping people find mental balance and calm. They reached out to me to write an article about the benefits of mindfulness for them. 
Check out the article here.


I was interviewed for the May Edition of the Strength & Well-being Magazine produced by Jessica Maguire. This magazine aims to spread the word about important issues in the fields of mental health, nutrition, and exercise. She produces a digital magazine every month.

In this issue I speak about the current state of treatment for anxiety. We discuss the role of medication and talk about some of the addiction risks that accompany it's use. I also talk about the need to break through the stigma of mental health and to build healing communities instead of judgmental ones.

Be sure to take a look at her blog.



Cat Lyons featured my blog, Recovery: Healing an Invisible Wound, on her website about gambling addiction. It's great to work with people like Cat who bring a personal voice to recovery. Gambling, like substances can imprison us in a representative downward spiral. What may start out as fun can quickly become a compulsion. Be sure to check out her website where she writes about her experience and features blogs on addiction recovery.


One of the most critical value shifts in recovery is moving from self-harm to self-nourishment. Underneath many addictions is a void of self-hatred that craves compassion attention. Check out this interview that I did for Simply: Health Coaching about food addiction and learning to love and nurture one's own body and mind. It was a joy to be a part of Liza's vision and to help promote a more holistic view of wellness.

My blog on Codependency was featured on Nina Norstrom's blog. Nina is an author that specializes in writing about toxic relationships. She has written a number of blogs and a book on the topic. Nina's book, Not a Blueprint: It’s the Shoe Prints that Matter, “A Journey Through Toxic Relationships.” is a powerful and personal story that hopes to inspire others to find healthy and happy relationships. Check out her site!