In this workshop I'll help you to develop an automated, engaging, and diverse social media marketing campaign. I'll teach you about three principles of Social Media Marketing: The Content Funnel, The Cookie Trail, and The Network. Having a robust social media platform will lead to increased sales, klout, and customer loyalty. I will help you create platforms on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, and YouTube, as well as tune your personal website. 
Check out my social media links below to get a sense of what I can help you to build.

Investment: $150 for 2 hours


Entering the dating world can be an intense and daunting experience. In this intensive you will work with me and my associate to build the social skills required to approach and interact with people in a club and bar environment. We'll teach you how to push through approach anxiety, meet other people, and have memorable and meaningful conversations with them. Most importantly, you'll learn how to do all this sober. These skills are also useful in the professional sphere and will be invaluable when networking or interviewing. 

Investment: Variable and Negotiable