Psychotherapy is a long-term process of self-discovery and self-knowledge. I believe that talking through emotions and problems is a deeply healing practice. I act as a guide as my clients explore the deep and sometimes frightening reaches of their unconsciousness. Psychotherapy is an confidential process that is held in a space of non-judgmental curiosity. Together we aim to bring the torch of awareness and compassion to the long forgotten and ignored places of the mind.

Psychotherapy can be useful in all stages of life but it is perhaps the most effective during times of transition or heavy stress. It is a common misconception that one has to be "crazy" to sign up for therapy. The therapeutic process is an investment in one's own mental health and is a critical tool for bringing about more freedom, choice, and happiness in one's life.

Treatment Options

Modern Psychoanalysis

This is my primary form of treatment. In Modern Psychoanalysis my clients are encouraged to free associate, say whatever comes into their minds, without censoring. This process allows them to truly express themselves and to explore their unconscious minds. I employ a playful style that makes this process fun and encouraging. 

EMDR therapy

Eye Movement Desenization and Reprocessing Therapy is the current leading method for working through trauma. EMDR works by resequencing the brain's fight-or-flight response. EMDR is proven to be highly effective for individuals suffering from PTSD, rumination, or nightmares. It has also been adapted to work with addictive urges. 


Dialectical Behavior Therapy teaches clients life skills that aim to improve their mindful awareness, emotional regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance. DBT is a good fit for those who would like some education and structure around their emotions and relationships.