Letting Go:
Rising Consciousness

There's this idea in Vedic Psychology that Consciousness is naturally rising. We start by being conscious of our base needs: food, water, sex, and shelter then rise to social needs: belonging, acceptance, security and finally to spiritual needs: purpose, connection, peace. As we meet our base needs our attention naturally turns to the more complex ones. 

However, we often hold ourselves back by clinging to old attachments and difficult emotions. These resentments and unresolved traumas are like sandbags in a hot air balloon. They keep us trapped by occupying our mind. They consume our mental bandwidth and prohibit creative thought. Think about it, all the time that we spend worrying we could be generating new ideas, or connecting with loved ones, or studying our mind. 

So how do we let go of repetitious thought?
How do we forgive others that have hurt us?
How do we move on from a traumatic event?

We go through it.

The only way to get over something is to go through it. We have to allow ourselves to feel through the experience. We hold onto things because they are unresolved, our minds and bodies know that there is something more to be said, done, or felt. Until we sequence our emotional experience it will continue to roar in our mind.

There are tons of ways to do this and they all have one this in common: expression. Expression is different from communication in that expression comes without planning or goal. When you are expressing yourself you'll often be surprised by what you say or create.

Of course, psychotherapy is a great way to learn to express yourself. A good therapist will build a place of non-judgement and acceptance for you to speak and express freely. The work of therapy isn't to solve problems, its to have new thoughts and make new connections. You can drop those sandbags off with your therapist and let your consciousness soar.

There are other ways too, that are just as effective. Art, music and dance give us permission to let go and express ourselves. Meditation trains us to get out of our own way and allow our mind to express itself. Some religious practices and ceremonies also create this space. When we are in a state of self-expression we loosen our grip on how things should be and focus instead on how they are.

In what ways do you find the time and space to express yourself? Does it help you to let go?