Dissecting the Poverty Mentality

Scarcity is a myth. It is a lie that was told to us when we were younger to keep us small. It a poisonous thought that creeps in when we are at our lowest moments. The Scarcity Mentality is a toxin that rots our soul and spirit, it saps us of life through fear and insecurity. 

Scarcity is the belief that we don't have enough, that there are not enough opportunities, or that we are unworthy of success. It crawls into all facets of our lives, professional, relational, and spiritual. Scarcity is the idea that we have to fight to keep everything that we own. It's so exhausting to fight a battle that we can't win. 

As a side job I work with individuals and small businesses to develop marketing strategies to help promote  their products and ideas. Every client that I've worked with up to this point has come to me and said "I'm afraid to market myself because someone might take my idea." That's scarcity talking. There are two assumptions behind that fear:

1. Other people are not to be trusted. 
2. Other people can live my dream better than I can.

Can you see how toxic this is? Scarcity breeds mistrust and insecurity. When we operate from a place of scarcity we see the world as a hostile place. We keep our gifts hidden and our ideas up in our heads. For what? So we can look back and say "well, at least no one did that..."

Scarcity rears its head in relationship too. Some of us so deeply believe that we are unworthy of love. So when we get into relationship we gobble the other person up. Or we hang onto them even when it turns unhealthy or abusive. In relationship, the Scarcity Mentality can manifest as jealousy, codependency, or enmeshment. These poisons will inevitably destroy any love that was present.

The Scarcity Mentality is a byproduct of our prevention-focused culture. In our culture there are so many people that will tell you why something can't be done. They'll tell you why it's a bad idea or that you should "just be happy with what you have." While, on paper, they are often giving helpful feedback the message that is actually transmitted is "I don't believe that you can do this." For many of us, we express love by trying to keep others safe. The problem is, is that in order to do that we shoot down their dreams.

So instead of being prevention focused, be promotion focused. Encourage your friends and loved ones to follow their dreams and help them to do so. Encourage the behavior that you want to see more of instead of punishing the parts of them that you judge. And for all the dreamers out there, find promotion-focused people that fill you up when you talk about your future. Surround yourself with people that love and support you. You deserve nothing less.

In fact, the world is full of abundance! There are tons of opportunities, relationship partners and life-changing experiences out there, just waiting for you. The world is a beautiful and magical place, if only we take a minute to pause and look around. The thing is, in order to truly get what we want we have to be ready to fail over and over again. We have to be ready to put ourselves out there and change to the fluid environment. Accessing abundance means discovering that place, deep within ourselves, that is full of endless love. It's the part of us that holds everything else, the part that stays present, no matter what.