Let’s be honest, therapists are just not taught how to start a business. How many of us have been struggling to get our practices off of the ground? How many of us have made logistical or administrative mistakes that almost cost us our career? How many of us feel overwhelmed and lost at the thought of making the move into private practice? We were taught how to heal, not how to sell. Your gifts are so needed in this world and by working together you and I can create a business that works!

I’ve run a successful private practice for over 5 years and helped others to do the same. I’ve also consulted with non-profits, group practices, and agencies around business development and marketing.

If we work together we’ll cover the following areas

  • Personal Organization

  • Cash Flow Strategy

  • Professional Boundaries

  • Budgeting and Accounting

  • Marketing and Networking

  • Personal Success Barriers

Now is the time to take your art and your business seriously.

$225 an hour
w/ supplemental email contact