My mission is to help clients recognize how to care for themselves in mind, body, and spirit and to develop a playful curiosity towards their internal experience. 

I specialize in working with aggression, addictions, trauma, and social anxiety. I use a variety of techniques including Modern Psychoanalysis, EMDR, Mindfulness Meditation, and Dialectical Behavior Therapy to help you make meaningful change in your life. 

I've been where you are. I'm currently in recovery from a history of drug abuse and crippling social anxiety. Psychotherapy helped me to learn how to open up, be interested in myself, and build a life worth living. I consider it an honor to accompany you on this journey.

Now is the time to take your first step towards freedom. Pick up the torch of awareness and walk, head held high, into the darkness of your unconscious mind!

Break Free From Your Mental Prison

  • Marc Azoulay is a powerhouse. His passion and presence is complimented by his quick-wit, intelligence, and huge heart. Marc puts 110% into everything he does because he cares deeply and is not afraid of hard work. He has the unique ability to truly meet people and organizations where they are at. I never would have thought one man could change the world-- that is, 'til I met Marc.
    — Madeline Stein, MA
    Psychotherapist in Private Practice
  • I have been lucky to work with Marc from the beginning days of our nonprofit. He helped tremendously grow as a board, keep us laser focused and helped me learn how to lead. Each time we meet we focus on communication, vision and fund raising. Marc helps keep us on course.
    — Duke Rumley
    Founder of Sober AF Entertainment
  • Marc Azoulay is a breath of fresh air in this world. I am constantly in awe of his dedication to leadership development and mental health. I’ve had the privilege of working with Marc for some time, and not only has he enhanced my business, but he is a constant voice of encouragement. It’s rare that I meet someone who knows what they want and consistently can make it happen. Marc is truly an example of someone who can achieve anything he sets his mind to, and anyone who works with him will do the same.
    — Melissa Barbash LPC, LAC
    Owner of RecoverMe Therapy
  • Marc is a leader and an innovator through and through. He cares deeply about helping others become the best leaders and innovators they can be as well! His genuine and enthusiastic energy allows people to feel comfortable and supported as they enter into entrepreneurship and leadership. Marc has a unique and effective approach to collaboration that inspires people to engage. Marc is my number one referral for anyone who wants to excel in starting their own business!
    — Lauren Andre
    CEO of Connected Roots Therapy
  • Marc is a remarkable human being with an uncanny ability to adapt and evolve with cutting edge industry trends. Over the years I’ve known Marc, I’ve witnessed his tremendous potential actualized into genuine, effective leadership. The combination of Marc’s drive for knowledge, keen intelligence and dedication to his personal and professional development is an asset to anyone lucky enough to have Marc as a partner in their growth.
    — Yoon Kane LCSW, IFSCP, CGP
    Founder of Mindful NYC
  • Marc has a gift of expertise in marketing, social media, leadership and how to grow a business from the ground up. All of this coupled with a charismatic sense of humor, creative mind and a commitment to be of service to others makes Marc someone I always want on the team! He is an absolute pleasure to work with and learn from.
    — Jess Barry
    Clinical Outreach Ambassador at Sandstone Care
  • Hire Marc. His energy, quick mind and innovative coaching will take your business to the next level. Not only is he passionate about his skill-set, but he is personable and takes difficult concepts and makes them user-friendly to those that need hand-holding. A true talent. Don’t run a business without him.
    — Ginger M. Sullivan, MA, LPC, CGP, FAGPA
    Owner of Relational Life Couples Therapy
  • Marc helped us to understand how we could use social media to be a part of our community outreach efforts. We are in the process now of developing a social media committee that will help us to be present in a different way for our members. Marc is a great example of a servant leader. He acts from sincere conviction and brings a presence to interactions that is valuable in itself. I highly recommend him both personally and professionally.
    — Deborah Sharp LCSW, CGP
    President of the Austin Group Psychotherapy Society
  • Marc Azoulay has been instrumental in his leadership role as the founder of the Reciprocity Ring, a makers space for entrepreneurial spirited professionals in the therapy and wellness field. I see Marc as a mentor, a strong leader a giving person and wealth of knowledge. Marc's goal is to help others be successful in their endeavors and feel confident in what they do!
    — Eliot Andre TRS
    CEO of Connected Roots Therapy
  • Working with Marc, has been eye opening, refreshing and extremely clarifying. His ability to listen to the specific needs of my business and create a plan for optimization has been amazing to witness. Not only is he a master at organization, but his method is teaching his mastery is supportive and accessible!
    — Allison Dutton RCST, LMT
    Founder of Amala Biodynamics
  • Marc’s capacity to stay fully in the moment, use laser focus, and a magnetic gaze engages others no matter the context. Whether in a group setting or in the midst of a large audience, Marc exudes an animated presence that also fosters community and encourages participation. Marc's command of his subject is stellar; his capacity to facilitate is not only admirable but inspired. An opportunity to work with Marc is an entrée into a rich personal unfolding and a meaningful group experience.
    — Shira Marin, Ph.D., LMFT
    Past President of the Northern California Group Psychotherapy Society
  • Marc has been helping me with business development, as I have been launching my private practice. Marc is incredibly knowledgeable about what it takes to succeed in private practice and does an excellent job of helping me managing the role of entrepreneur with the role of therapist. Marc has given me the tools of the trade to effectively network and find my niche in a high-saturated psychotherapy market. He does not shy away from putting me in touch with his vast network.
    — Kevin Canella
    Psychotherapist in Private Practice
  • Marc has been a tremendous support to me in developing not only my business, but my sense of self worth. When I work with him he constantly reminds me of how much I have to offer my clients and how valuable a service I provide. He has helped me grow my business by growing myself, which will help me with much more than just my business. I recommend him without hesitation.
    — James Abrams LPC, LAC
    Psychotherapist in Private Practice
  • Working with Marc, both as my teaching assistant at Naropa University, and replacing me as President of FCGPS, he has repeatedly demonstrated persistence, creativity, and passion. He only commits to that which he is passionate about, everything that he puts his attention on gets his 100%.
    — Casey Burnett, MA, LPC
    Psychotherapist in Private Practice
  • Marc helped me expand my coaching business in a major way. He showed me how I, a writer/journalist and a businessperson, can move in the confusing world of social media while still holding onto my authenticity and creative spirit. But really, Marc is more than a business consultant. When you work with Marc it’s impossible not to grow in more fundamental ways.
    — Brad Wetzler
    Founder of The Yoga of Writing
  • As a colleague and mentor, Marc has helped me build my private practice and improve my ability as a clinician and trainer. He is knowledgable, engaging and enthusiastic! I highly recommend Marc if you are looking for ways to improve your presence in the field of psychotherapy and addictions counseling.
    — Caelen Cann LPC, LAC
    Psychotherapist in Private Practice
  • Marc has done in-depth work developing his own expertise about how to start and run a successful business and impact change, the effectiveness of which has been proven by the significant expansion of the FCGPS under his leadership. His instruction and feedback are always thoughtful, clear, and incisive, and the early success of my own business was due in large part to his mentorship. The systems and knowledge that Marc has developed are an indispensable resource for anyone looking to grow their business or develop their leadership skills.
    — Jordan Urban
    Psychotherapist in Private Practice
  • I have known Marc for almost 4 years in a multitude of ways including consultation member, marketing coach and co-facilitator of a supervision group. In each discipline, I find Marc very clear, astute and very marketing and social media savvy. His knowledge of group process is very sophisticated.
    — Dr. Tamra Sattler PhD, LMFT
    Psychotherapist in Private Practice
  • While Marc is a skilled therapist, he is even more skilled as seeing into the heart of what is true and real. His passion for helping people in their personal and professional lives is completely inspiring. His knowledge of business-building, social media development, and honing a professional "voice" is incredibly powerful and empowering. I highly recommend his services.
    — Kathryn Holt MA, LCSW
    Psychotherapist in Private Practice
  • My relationship with Marc has had a variety of forms over the past few years. I have had the privilege of watching him develop as a clinician and as a person. Not only is he a skilled practitioner, but he is passionate about his work and his clients and, just as importantly, is devoted to his own personal growth. As he proceeds with unbound energy, I can't help but expect big things from him.
    — Jeff Price LPC, LAC, CGP
    Psychotherapist in Private Practice
  • Working with Marc has been motivating, insightful, and helped me get past my fears of marketing my business. He has taught me ways to organize and prioritize my business needs while addressing the issues that have kept me from moving in the direction I wanted. His personable demeanor made me feel at ease while helped boost my confidence in entering into a world I was unfamiliar with.
    — Victoria Olson NCC, LPC
    Founder and CEO of Expand Mentoring
  • Over the course of the last several years, I have interacted with Marc Azoulay in many different settings. I have seen him as a group psychotherapy instructor, as President of FCGPS, and as a business mentor. In each of these capacities, he has brought the same high level of professionalism and integrity. If you are seeking an executive coach, Marc’s expertise and character speak for themselves, and his guidance is invaluable.
    — Jeffrey Lang
    Psychotherapist in Private Practice


ACS #3427
The Approved Clinical Supervisor Credential demonstrates that I am recognized by the National Center of Credentialing and Education as a specialist in Clinical Supervision. In order to attain this credential I had to complete 45 hours of supervision training and verify 100 hours of supervision with other professionals. This means that I can train other treatment professionals nationally and am held to the highest ethical and professional standard in the industry.

CGP #062115
The Certified Group Psychotherapist Credential demonstrates that I am recognized by the American Group Psychotherapy Association as a leader in Group Treatment. In order to attain this credential I had to complete 75 hours of group supervision and 300 hours of group treatment. I bring this specialized training to my groups. AGPA Verification

LAC #0000611
The Licensed Addictions Counselor Credential demonstrates that I am recognized by the State of Colorado to be a specialist in working with substance use and addictive behavior. I completed a year and a half of additional coursework beyond graduate school in order to  master the techniques required to work with addictive behaviors. I can help you to become free of harmful habits and reclaim the power to choose in your life. DORA Verification  

LPC #0013315
The Licensed Professional Counselor Credential demonstrates that I am a fully licensed counselor in the State of Colorado. This means that I can offer the highest standard of mental health treatment to my clients. It also means that I can invoice insurance companies if you have out-of-network coverage. DORA Verification

My Master's Degree is in Contemplative Counseling Psychology from Naropa University. This intensive three year program transformed me not only professionally, but personally. I learned to become more settled within myself so that I can be of greater service to my clients. The philosophy of Contemplative Psychotherapy is that simple awareness and compassion bring about positive change. I embody this by creating a space in which my clients can explore their inner and outer worlds free of judgement or obligation. I do not aim to change my clients, I aim to give them the tools and the freedom to change themselves. 

I received a Bachelors in Science from Carnegie Mellon University in Neuroscience. This degree is the backbone of my approach, I bring a wealth of knowledge and cutting-edge research about the brain to my clients in order to help them to understand the inner mechanisms of their mind.  


EMDR for Addictions
I'm received advanced training in Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR) Therapy in order to specialize with working with substance use and addiction. EMDR is similar to hypnosis and can help you to overcome overwhelming urges to use as well as help us to better understand the underlying cause of your habit. 

DBT Skills Trainer
Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a structured, evidence-based, treatment modality that helps clients to increase their life effectiveness. It focuses on mindfulness, interpersonal effectiveness, emotional regulation and distress tolerance. I use DBT to equip my clients with the tools necessary to make meaningful changes in their life. 

Meditation Instructor
Many of my clients benefit greatly from mindfulness meditation instruction. I bring a secular approach to meditation that encourages clients to tap into their present moment experience and to practice bringing curiosity and compassion to their lives. There is an overwhelming body of research that demonstrates that simply 20 minutes of mindfulness meditation a day can result in significant increases in life satisfaction and a reduction of symptoms of depression and anxiety as well as addictive urges.